Atlas of Diablo 3 peripheral products

Posted By on September 17, 2011

 I heard BlizzCon ticket holders per capita in the limited time for pre-order through the BlizzCon around the pre-Carnival . All goods purchased will be delivered directly to your home.

 Please Preview Atlas of Diablo 3 peripheral products and open the saw:

 1.Diablo 3 cup, Skeleton King style!

 Skeleton King is confined to the cup, so the design really is an alternative.


 2.Pineapple fish were hand-done

 Red is a very eye-catching colors


 3.Diablo 3  shirt

 Walking in the street wearing this, we immediately recognize you, or covered up, and occasionally like to wear


 4.Diablo 3 bath

 Color is very bright


 5.Two Diablo 3 posters

 The good-looking than before. Getting better and better


 6..Diablo 3 2011 Calendar

 Yeah worthy collection of a calendar


 8.and other some



 See so many products, Some players wanted to buy it back collection?

 After so many years past, when Diablo 3 in people’s memories become blurred, occasionally turn up these old things, also allows you to remember the good things you have?


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